A few feathers in One Two's cap!

Hey folks,

We're so pleased to share lots of good news about One Two, our first full-length album released this past spring. One Two found itself on a number of "Best of 2017" lists, which we are so delighted about! Check them out below, if you'd like:

The Artery - WBUR
"...what sets the pair apart is the sensitivity they bring to the material, both new and old. Moynihan and Chaimbeul are unafraid of subtlety or softness, and they play off of one another other with great precision and freeness." (Amelia Mason) - Boston, MA

Freelance Fiddle
"I can honestly say that this record has without a doubt been one of my favourite recordings to come out in the past year. The effortless flow of this record is so all encompassing..." (Stuart Gill) - Glasgow, Scotland

WTJU DJ's chose One Two multiple times. It appears on several of the station's Best Of the Year lists from this great station out of Charlottesville, VA.

KITHFOLK from Hearth Music, features a track on their Best Celtic Music of 2017 Playlist, among so many of our favorite releases, too! Seattle, WA

One Two was also selected as a favorite by DJs at KBCS in Bellevue, WA.


If you haven't heard the album yet - it's available digitally from all the usual suspects. We  like bandcamp!

Hopefully see you soon! 
- Jenna & Màiri